Friday, August 6, 2010

A Lesson in Chinese

James arrived Monday for a week long visit to spend time with his sweetie.  We picked him up at the airport in Manchester, NH then looked for a place to eat.

Tiffany and James

James wanted Chinese, but the restaurant Tiffany had googled looked a bit 'sketchy', so James pulled out his iPhone to look for another and we ended up at the Beijing Tokyo Restaurant in Concord.

Carrot Flower

Tiffany ordered a Pad Thai dish, and James ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken. The food was not only beautifully presented, but it tasted scrumptious, too!

Wakeme Seaweed Salad

I ordered the Seaweed Salad for myself as well as a Pu Pu Platter to share. Our waitress was a very polite, attentive young woman who seemed somewhat unsure of her English. At one point when she brought something, I said, "Xie Xie," pronounced (sheh sheh) which means "Thank you" in Mandarin Chinese. Her face lit up! I'm glad she didn't try to speak to me in Chinese, because I know only a few words and phrases. Wanna know how to say the food is good? It's really easy to remember. My brother-in-law taught me. Just think of a hen house and say, "Hen hao" (hen how). See? Wasn't that easy? (^_~)

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  1. Beautiful Food! Beautiful post, Sweets.
    And,,, what a cute couple! Thanks for sharing this intimate family moment with us.

    Your Buddy, George