Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Secret Place

My daughter and I visited a little known gem of a place a few days ago; it was beautiful with its well-tended gardens, wildflowers, large pond, little marina, quaint lodge, old saw mill, small dam, and nature trail.  We brought her puppy, Sally, along to further socialize and introduce her to different environments.

As we made our way to the nature trail by way of the dam, we noticed a few men fishing in rowboats.  The only kind of fishing allowed is fly fishing, and the only boats are the rowboats available to rent.  It keeps the waters healthy and pristine.

Before reaching the dam, we noticed an old building tucked in a little nook, and we walked down the slope to check it out.  Peering inside a window with cupped hands to block the sun’s glare, we noticed it had once been a saw mill.  Around the corner and above was an elevated walkway that led to an upper room, but it didn’t appear to be easily accessible as its entrance seemed blocked by rocks and trees.  We decided to investigate and went back up and around to see if there was a path.  Finding none, we went back around and down and then scrambled up the bank with Sally in tow.  We reached the locked door, but a pane in its window was broken out, so we were able to easily look inside.  It was apparent that someone had recently spent some time there.  As photographers, both my daughter and I remarked what a wonderful place it would be to do photo shoots.  On the way out, I noticed a path leading from the elevated walkway.  It was overgrown and almost invisible, but it was a path nonetheless, so we took it instead of trying to gingerly make our way back down the bank.

We continued our trek to the dam, stopping along the way to take some pictures. We crossed the dam and ventured on to the nature trail. The forest was so enchanting with moss covered rocks and stumps and lush green ferns. There was even a huge boulder that resembled a sheep’s or lion’s head, depending on one’s perspective. Sally thoroughly enjoyed running back and forth along the path, as well as off the path and down to the water’s edge. We had recently purchased a retractable leash, and it perfectly suited the situation.



On the way back to the car as we were passing the little marina, we stopped and chatted with an older gentleman who was enjoying a thermos of tea.  He was the second person to curiously ask how we had found the place, because it’s the best kept secret in the state.  I told him our pastor and his wife had recently discovered it and mentioned its beauty.  So, it’s not a secret anymore... at least not to us.  (^_~)

A part of the old sluice gate still in operation


  1. What beautiful pictures! Sweets, you really know how to set a scene, and capture it. I know your secret of photography. (It's something called great talent.) I would love to know more about your secret place.
    Have a wonderful week. George

  2. Thanks, George! I'll let you in on it; I think you and your wife would love the lodge, and the kids might like the rest.