Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gracie: 3 Weeks Old

Gracie and I had our first official photo shoot yesterday.  It was also my first baby photo shoot.  My daughter, Tiffany, helped with lighting and setting up.  Gracie was asleep at first, and we were hoping to get some good sleeping shots, but she woke up, was fed and burped by her mommy, and decided to stay wide awake and active.  Besides the shot of her little 'piggies', my favorite shot is of Gracie wrapped in a scarf, looking straight into the camera.  I also love the last one, because she looks so much like her daddy when he was a baby.  So while we may not have gotten some of the posed sleeping shots we were hoping to get, I'm so glad she was awake and alert.  Be warned though, when you see her looking back at you, you might need to grab a mop after finding your heart melted on the floor.  (^_~)


  1. Sweets, you have truly been blessed. Some babies are 'cute'. Gracie is beautiful! God is so good! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures.
    (Something tells me your camera will be even more busy in the future.) love, George

  2. Amen! God is so good! Thank you!
    I actually have a family portrait session this week, as well as a wedding. And we might try to do another session with Gracie to get some sleeping shots.