Friday, December 3, 2010

Gracie: 5 Months Old

We had so much fun with Gracie a couple of nights ago. At first, Sally was checking her out, and Gracie kept trying to reach out and touch her, but Sally decided she wasn't interested.

The Faces of Gracie

Gracie wants to get moving so badly. She loves doing 'push-ups' and 'flying', and although she can inch herself backward and rotate, she still has not yet figured out how to crawl. She practiced so much that she became a tired Gracie. She's growing so fast...


  1. What a cutie pie! I love this age!

  2. Sweets, You know me... and that I am the grandpa of ten priceless grandchildren. As such I am an authority on just one subject. I am here to say that Gracie is an angel! What a gorgeous face! How wonderfully blessed you are~

  3. I feel wonderfully blessed. Thank you, George. Your expertise in the matter is truly appreciated. :)