Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Friends and New Places

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I, along with her puppy, Sally, met Dash on our way to a doggie park as we walked through Burlington's Waterfront Park.  Dash was so excited and wanted to play, but Sally was a bit nervous.


Can you see Dash's nose twitching?  He had such a great personality!

Sweet Lady

Dash's owner is such a sweet lady.  She was so patient, understanding and tender toward Sally, she seemed like a female version of Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.  Her other dog, Tyga, seemed to sense Sally's nervousness and being a lot bigger than she, he approached her gently and then romped off to explore and play by himself.   Sally eventually warmed up and even began to timidly approach Tyga.  It was a good socialization experience.  Thank you, Sharon!

Line Art

On the way to and around the doggie park via a dirt path, we came across old foundations or concrete walkways on which someone painted various patterns of line art.

Autumn Path

As we continued on the path, it lead to the water's edge, and we noticed a small man-made peninsula and just had to explore it to the end.  There was some sort of old metal frame at the end and in the water, but we couldn't get a sense of its purpose.


Earlier, off to the side of a more wooded area of the path, we had noticed a makeshift tent and campsite nestled in the trees and thick vines.  And then further down the path and along the water's edge, we came across this bar of soap, as well as a pair of dingy white socks and bright pink undies hanging in a tree.  Hmmm...

Fall Foliage

Although the fall foliage wasn't at its peak, there were pockets of pretty peakness.

Doggie Hydrant

Because medium to large sized dogs were inhabiting the doggie park, my daughter decided to go back another time, perhaps when Sally has had a bit more experience under more controlled circumstances.  On the way back to the Waterfront Park and along the bike path, we passed by this fire hydrant, and I just couldn't resist getting a shot of Sally with it.

Man on a Bench

As we continued walking, I noticed this man sitting on one of the park benches.  I have a Flickr friend, who has taken a 'bench series' of photos.  While I try to be respectful of peoples' privacy, I admire my friend's boldness and photographic skill.  All of a sudden, I heard a familiar voice call my name, and when I turned to see who it was, I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend, Cassie's smiling face.  She was taking a break from work, so we walked and talked together the rest of the way along the waterfront.  What a nice day making new friends, exploring new places, and unexpectantly meeting up with a close friend.  :)


  1. Hi Sweets,
    What a great writer you have become, or perhaps have always been. "Pockets of pretty peakness." Wow! Perfect triple alliteration. I truly enjoy your beautiful pictures, and the 'other' pictures painted by your words. Hey, "bright pink panties hanging in a tree?" How funny!, and how real. I'm glad you share both the beautiful things and the odd things you spot along your way. Keep capturing those pics, and 'mental-pics.' hugs, George