Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gracie: 100 Days Old

My family has a tradition of taking a baby's photo at 100 days old. Although I don't know what the significance is, I do know celebrating a baby's 100th day is an Asian tradition. My parents had my photo taken, and since it's really the only tradition to be passed on, I decided to continue it and was delighted when my son and daughter-in-law wanted to do so as well. So, my daughter and I teamed up and did a photo shoot with Gracie.

Nappie Poo

Gracie was asleep when we began the photo shoot.

Sleeping Sweetly

I couldn't resist getting a closeup of her pretty little mouth.


When she awoke, she was ready to go! So we started with a pose to try and match her daddy's.


Family Tradition

I thought it would be cool to get a shot of her daddy's and my baby portraits with her. Her daddy's portrait on the left was taken by Beltrami's, and my portrait on the right was taken somewhere in Okinawa.


At one point, Gracie rolled off the pillow from her tummy and onto her back. It seemed to pleasantly surprise her.


The pink scarf tied into a bow was my idea, but her daddy laughed, because it was so big. He said it looked like a turban. We all laughed until I was in tears. But don't you think she looks adorable?


Her mommy then dressed her in a pretty outfit handmade by Jean, a dear friend.

IMG_6392 setup_sm

This is the setup. One studio light, natural light from a window, a mirror to the right (not shown) to bounce some of the light, and a softbox diffuser on my on-camera flash. Gracie's mommy helped direct Gracie's attention by shaking a soft flower rattle, while Gracie's daddy fixed a cup of coffee for her mommy. Working together... it's one of the things that helps keep family traditions alive.

If you like these, check out her sneak preview pic: Sneak Preview: 100 Days Old

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