Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rock Hopper and Beach Comber

A few days ago, my daughter and I took her puppy, Sally, to a park, situated next to a brook, and yesterday we took a trip out to the ocean. We've been experiencing some record high temperatures for this time of year, and I didn't want to let this summer pass by without going to the beach.

Lending a Helping Hand

Because Sally is still in training, she was kept on a retractable leash and had to be untangled a few times.

Rock Hopper

She liked wading in the shallow parts, but seemed a bit timid about venturing into the deeper, moving water. She loved hopping on the rocks. She was so cute and quite adventurous, sometimes making leaps two or three times her body length!

Gentiana Andrewsii

While exploring the brook further downstream, we discovered this beautiful wildflower. It is Gentiana Andrewsii, also known as "Andrew's Gentian" or "Closed Bottle Gentian" because it never actually opens.

Crowded Beach

The beach was very crowded yesterday. We were surprised considering most of the schools in our area have begun. But it was a gorgeous day to be on the beach nonetheless.

Doesn't this grouping of rocks standing firmly in the receding waves give you a sense of... strength and tranquility? Our Creator is the Master Artist!


Instead of making our way down to the rock jetty as we usually do, we went in the opposite direction until we came to a 'wall' of rocks and boulders... the perfect place for a 'treasure' hunt.

Tiny Crab

We found bits of pretty drift wood and a couple of shells, and I came across a tiny red crab. My daughter was actually a little grossed out when I touched it, because... well, it was no longer among the living.

Sunglasses Graveyard

We also came across a sunglasses graveyard or a kind of lost and found. One had a stem missing and another had a bit of dried seaweed hanging on. I found it curious that one of them had an elastic band still attached. Perhaps the high tide absconded with them and then stashed them among the rocks. Speaking of tide, it was coming in fast, so we didn't tarry too long lest we find ourselves in a predicament.

Surf's Up

The waves were beautiful but very powerful. Red flags, caution signs, and constant blows on whistles signaled the danger of riptides.

Modern Day Knights

Several people had to be rescued by lifeguards. The woman on the left was rescued after being caught in a riptide. Another group of teenagers was also rescued after daring to go a bit too far despite the shrill warnings.

Ocean Rescue

The 'big guns' were finally called in. Waverunners don't get tired. Wouldn't it be cool to have his job?

Catching a Wave

Some people were smart enough to heed the warnings and stay closer to shore. You can't see it in the photo, but three or four other people weren't as fortunate to catch the wave like this guy.

Despite the fact that my daughter was developing a sore throat and earache 1-1/2 hours into the trip, which was halfway there, we still had a wonderful time feeling the sand between our toes, cooling off in the salty ocean waves, shopping on the boardwalk, and eating junk food. Isak Dinesen, a Danish author, once said, "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea." I would agree... almost. My daughter is still not feeling well today, so could you offer up a little prayer for her? Thanks...


  1. Well Sweets, you certainly did it again. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the ocean. I had not heard the Isak Dinesen quote before... I agree with him completely, and I intend to remember that one. I always enjoy sharing your appreciation of the beautiful world God allows us to share. "rocks standing firmly in the receding waves" Wow! That's good writing. You have a wonderful talent for photography... and you are very conscious of the beauty around you. That is a great combination, and giving God the glory for it all, well, just makes it perfect.

    Thank you for sharing. Please continue to do so. My best to you always, George

  2. Thanks, George. Your literary critique and encouragement mean so much to me.