Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grape Jam

The Lord has blessed us with a bountiful crop of grapes.  This morning, my daughter and I harvested a small batch to try our hand at making grape jam for the first time.



IMG_5893_2 Rene_sm

Even though my daughter is allergic to grapes... even handling them is very irritating to her skin... she wore rubber gloves and picked some with me after she captured a few images with her camera.


This shot of the grapes in a basket is my fave!   Isn't she a wonderful photographer?

IMG_5912a lids_sm

I found a recipe for Concord Grape Jam on  I didn't follow the recipe exactly, because I wanted to use my Vitamix to pulverize the whole grapes, seeds and all, to get the most out of them.

IMG_5943a canning_sm

Boiling the grapes made the house smell soooo good!

Grape Jam

It seems to have turned out well, and it sure tastes good on buttered toast.  Yum!  :)


  1. Sweets, this is too good to be a coincidence. At this very moment I have a bag of fresh Concord grapes in my refrigerator, for the very first time, ever. Our daughter Cathy has some wonderful, productive vines growing in her backyard in Manchester NH. Monday I picked several bunches of them and brought them home. Those are the sweetest, most 'grape-juice-tasting' grapes I have ever had, and they look exactly like yours.
    By the way... and at the risk of seeming too forward, that is one thoughtful, sultry photo of you in the vineyard. She caught you at just the right moment. It is absolutely perfect. Bountiful grapes,framing the face of my beautiful friend. If a picture is worth a thousand words, that one is worth a novel. Hey... that's not a bad idea. I'll get back to you on that one.
    Tell your daughter that she is a totally talented photographer, just like her mom.
    My Best, George

  2. Aww, shucks. Thank you, George. I did tell her. :)