Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book Review: What Difference Do It Make?

Cover image used by permission

What Difference Do It Make? is the second book featuring Ron Hall and Denver Moore, two unlikely friends brought together by a very special, yet ordinary woman.  The book also contains anecdotes from others around the world affected and inspired by the first book Same Kind of Difference As Me, a story of how one woman's faith brought the two men together and led to the transformation of many.  Although you don't need to read the first book to get a sense of the background and overall story, I think you will be the richer for it.

I was again moved by Denver's faith and wisdom despite the unbelievable life he experienced prior to his encounter with 'Miss Debbie'.  And I was touched and convicted by Ron's ability to forgive and demonstrate unconditional love to his 'ornery' father.  I also found it surprising and quite curious that his father regarded one particular gift above any other he'd received.  Not only that, but the fact Ron had learned so much from Denver and as a result of ministering to the homeless, he previously would never have even considered giving his father the gift.  Getting to know a person truly does make a real and abiding difference in how effectively we are able to love them.  What difference do it make?  It can make a huge difference.

After writing a review for Same Kind of Difference As Me, I was contacted by Thomas Nelson Publishing and asked if I would like to receive a complimentary copy of the second book with no obligation to write another review.  Thank you, Thomas Nelson Publishing, for giving me the privilege and opportunity.  (^_^)

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